3 Tips For Memorable Presentation Of Your Interior Design Projects
You need to inspire and navigate your client thoroughly throughout the whole design decision journey
Several hard working days have passed and you are ready to present your home design to a client. After dozens of sketches, thousands of different interior design ideas and countless cups of coffee. The project is complete in 2 or 3 different variants, ready to be specially presented to your client. The first impression is always the most important and will define whether the project will be accepted at all.

Here are 3 tips on how you can lead your client through the project and exceed any expectation in the best manner.

1. Objectives Always Come First
Define and describe your initial objectives. What is your main objective and what is taken as the main priority. All insights that you worked on must be presented and described at the beginning of the presentation.

2. Behind the Scene Scenarios
Present your interior design floor plans in a visual storyteller way. Show your mood boards, sketches and references which gave you the basis for the final home design project.
You wouldn't believe how often the ideas that are obvious to you are not to others. So, don’t forget to give a voice to the projects.

3. Make it a memorable and useful experience
You know what they say - measure twice, build once. Don't rely on the eyeball method
and think that your clients can read floor plans as architects do. Conduct a walkthrough experience which will save your time and expenses. This is possible at FloorPlanVision, located in Burnaby, BC. A place where you can experience your floor plans in real size. You simply book your visit on our website, invite your client and show your plans to scale whilst viewing the design, functionality and flow of the home. Additional furniture, images and videos can allow clients to feel the space as they’d want to build it. At the end of the presentation discuss all points which were created during your walkthrough experience. Implement new decisions and finalize the floor plan.

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